We, Bas and Esther, are completely addicted to the USA. On our site you can find over a thousand pictures taken in the USA. These are accompanied by various movies in our movie section. In 2011 it felt kinda like cheating. That year we visited the beautiful Canada. This country also has stolen our heart. Every year has an blog accompanied by some photos. We are working on a fully english version of our site. Although at this point in time most stories are in Dutch. May you ever have questions you can always ask them and we will try to answer them as best as we can. We also appreciate any tips about things to do or see in the USA.

In 2003 we went for the first time. Especially the extremes and diversity of the landscapes took us by suprise. You can never have seen it all. This year we started in L.A. and we truly have taken a tour of "the best of the west".

In 2005 we made our second tour through the USA. We made a stop-over in New York after a few days we flew to Washington DC.From Washington DC we drove al the way to the Niagara Falls, this we did on one day including the flight from New York to Washington DC. After we had visited Niagara Falls we drove back to Washington DC and took off from Dulles airport and we went to the West. Where our main goal was to visit the first National Park, Yellowstone.

In 2007 Before flying to the West again, we made a stop-over in Orlando. Again a totally different USA. A very big playground accompanied with some great nature. Swimming with the Dolphins at Discovery Cove was very cool! In the West we have visted New Mexico and Colorado. The trainride Durango-Silverton was very special aswell.

In 2008 We have devoted our entire vacation to Florida. We haves visited a lot of amusement parks. We took too little time for the beautiful nature in this state. This will be on our agenda when we maybe visit this state another time.


In 2009 We went to the West again. We started in Denver via Rapid City, Beartooth Highway, three full days in Yellowstone, Moab, Escalante, Page, Zion and finally relaxing the last days of our vacation in Las Vegas.


In 2010 we started in San Francisco and we have explored Yosemite NP. From there we went via Lake Tahoe through Nevada to Utah. Our next stop was San Diego after this we went on our way to Los Angeles. Esther had her driverslicense this time. So she at last was also able to tour the USA.


In 2011 We went to Canada, What an amazing journey!!! A lot of wildlife with, 50 bears, whales and a wolve as our highlights. The majestic falls of Canada (Mostly besides the roads) have to be mentioned right away. We started in Vancouver from where we went to Vancouver Island. On this Island we went to Ucluelet and Victoria. Were we could put a picture to the sentence God's waiting room :-). Our journey continued via Vancouver to Whistler, Clearwater, Jasper and Banff. Our final destination was Calgary, from were we flew back to Amsterdam.


In 2012 Florida was an the agenda again. We left at the beginning of march, we stayed in Florida for three weeks. In our first week we went from Miami via Key West and The Everglades to Davenport. In Davenport we had a two week stay in a magnificent villa. From here we planned several daytrips mainly to see the nature and some amusementparks. On our last day we visited Sea World.


2013 New plannes already have been made. On the 7th of june we will fly to Las Vegas from where we head out to Yellowstone NP. We will be staying for over a week in this beautiful NP. We will try to spot some bears and hopefully a lot of wolves. After our stay here wel will be travelling to Rocky Mountain NP. Here we will stay for five days. Mount Evans is on the agenda aswell. This would be a sure thing for seeing Mountain Goats. After this we head to some warmer weather in Las Vegas. We will be spending two days here with Hies and Willem. After some shopping we will board a plane heading back to Amsterdam again.


Voor 2014 We will be leaving in march to Miami, with Hies and Willem. We will be going on a cruise for seven days. We will be visiting Mexico, Belize and some other nice places. afterwards we will be heading to the Everglades. Through the Everglades we will be heading to Davenport were we have rented a villa for 10 days. In Ocala Forrest we will try to spot a blackbear.



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